DAKU Papua - Dunia Remajaku Seru (My Fun World)! In Papua

DAKU Papua - Dunia Remajaku Seru (My Fun World)! In Papua

How can we talk about sexuality without being shy?  Sexuality is one of the aspects that made who we are. When it is properly discussed and managed, we will be healthy and happy. On the other hand, if we cannot discuss and manage it properly we will likely be vulnerable to violence, disease of infections, and other personal problems.

However, it is a different story for youth in Papua, where HIV has become a generalized epidemic, with the highest maternal mortality rate in Indonesia, and excessive alcoholic drink consumption. Youth in Papua are dealing with their specific challenges compared to youth in other provinces.

Focusing on this specific issue, Rutgers WPF Indonesia and its partners launched DAKU! Papua – acronym for Dunia Remajaku Seru! (my fun world!) – in 2012, officially launched by Deputy Regent of Merauke and chair of the Merauke Regional House of Representative. The objective of the program is to empower youth with the assistance of high school teachers and peer-educators in the community. Training for teachers and peer educators was the initial step taken by the DAKU! Papua program, while the training materials were prepared and discussed with local youth representatives and students to ensure that the training subjects reflects the actual condition, including their customs and daily routines.

The training manual of DAKU! Papua program consists of 15 subjects, as follows:

  1. Everything starts from Me
  2. Emotional Changes
  3. Is Your Body Changing Too?
  4. Friendship and Other Relationships
  5. Gender (Male and Female)
  6. Fight for Your Right
  7. Sexuality and Love
  8. Pregnancy
  9. Protect Yourself against STIs and HIV&AIDS
  10. HIV&AIDS – You Can Also Play Your Role
  11. Drugs and Youth World
  12. Love Should not Hurt
  13. Your Future, Dream and Plan
  14. My Creative Note: My Message for You
  15. Exhibition

Based on these training subjects, high school teachers and educators shared their knowledge on sexual and reproductive health as well as healthy sexual behavior with their students.

Youth in Papua should be able to say: HIV, STIs, sexual harrassment and dating violence must stop right here, right now. We already know and agree to lead a healthier life.

Adopting the effectiveness and efficiency principles, Rutgers WPF Indonesia spread the skills, knowledge and spirit to individuals and organizations who then hold Education, Teacher Training activities and Encourage Behavioral Changes to give positive impact/change on individuals in the community, including children, adolescents, young adults and parents.

Rutgers WPF Indonesia welcomes partnerships with any party including institutions from other countries, government or the private sector  to scale up this program in a broader scale; we also welcome any financial supports that will enable the implementation and scaling up of the program.

Kindly contact RutgersWPF office for further inquiries.