Empowering Difable Children to Navigate the World and Independent

Empowering Difable Children to Navigate the World and Independent

Institutions that devote their works to support people with different abilities (difabled, formerly known as disabled people) have the passion to empower them to become independent. Being independent means that they will not need any help from others in their daily life. What a noble devotion. The difabled people have even been empowered to be able to earn their living by using their skills instead of begging for others’ charity. Some have even become singer, musician, craftsman, masseur, computer experts, etc.

Rutgers WPF Indonesia has also developed and implemented a program for the difabled people, particularly youth. The program is geared towards raising their awareness on sexuality and reproductive health, as they are among the most vulnerable to sexual violence. In the framework of comprehensive sexual education (CSE), there are two types of programs for the difabled youth, namely MAJU! (for those with impaired hearing) and LANGKAH PASTIKU! (for those with impaired vision). Through this program, they have the opportunity to learn and understand their sexuality and reproductive health including their rights.

Learning material for teachers and coaches was designed to meet their learning method. Some teaching aids are also provided, such as demonstration on properties, books printed in Braille and audio and video recordings.

Below are the subjects covered in the training for teachers and coaches:

  1. Everything Starts from Me
  2. Emotional Changes
  3. Is Your Body Changing Too?
  4. Friendship and Other Relationships
  5. Gender (Male and Female)
  6. Fight for Your Right
  7. Sexuality and Love
  8. Pregnancy
  9. Protect Yourself against STIs and HIV&AIDS
  10. HIV&AIDS – You Can Also Play Your Role
  11. Drugs and Adolescent World
  12. Love Should Not Hurt
  13. Your Future, Dream and Plan
  14. My Creative Note: My Message for You
  15. Exhibition

In the context of program implementation in Indonesia, the Directorate of Special Education at the Ministry of National Education is responsible for the implementation and oversight of the program currently being managed by Rutgers WPF Indonesia. To ensure adoptability of the program by the implementing institution/organizations, Rutgers WPF Indonesia provides technical supports for these organizations in terms of management, program development and data-based training, including training of trainers (ToT).

Rutgers WPF Indonesia welcomes partnerships with other organizations or institutions including donors, the government and the private sectors to share this program in a broader scale; we also welcome any financial supports that will enable the implementation and scaling up of the program.

Kindly contact Rutgers WPF office for further inquiries.