Online Comprehensive Sexuality Education by Sobat ASK

Online Comprehensive Sexuality Education by Sobat ASK

Online Comprehensive Sexuality Education by Sobat ASK

Facts have shown that youth are at high risk of suffering from violence, unhealthy and risky behavior due to the lack of access to accurate and reliable information regarding their body and sexuality. Cases of unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unsafe abortion among youth and many other cases that are mainly caused by their lack of knowledge on how to maintain their sexual and reproductive health. Parents consider discussing about sexuality as a taboo; while teachers do not discuss about sexuality and reproductive health thoroughly and tend to evade it. This has forced youth to learn about SRH from their peers or the Internet whose information may be inaccurate, judgmental and merely based on their own opinion which is not scientifically true.

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Rutgers WPF Indonesia, together with partner organizations has launched DAKU! program that provides teachers and educators with guideline on everything that youth need to know about sexuality and reproductive health including how to have a safe and healthy behavior. While some 21,102 students have benefited from the program that is carried out by teachers and educators in schools or community, there are larger number of students who have not had the opportunity, since comprehensive sexuality and reproductive health education has not yet fully integrated into the national curriculum. Considering this fact, Rutgers WPF Indonesia tries to break the barriers that hamper youth from having access to comprehensive SRH education by facilitating the creation of a modified online version of DAKU! education that is available on All knowledge and information service provided on this website is managed by a team of experts and doctors to ensure the accuracy of information.

We worked together with partners in designing the youth-friendly website that features various colors and pictures, videos and attractive animations. We tried to make it as a one-stop website where visitors can find all information related to youth health. All of the information is provided in details with clear explanation, including subjects that are secretly discussed among peers, such as masturbation, menstruation and dating which could lead to unplanned pregnancy.

Youth who visit the website can also have online consultation or simply listen to consultation records of other youth whose identities have been made confidential.

The also provides online course for youth to allow them to systematically learn about sexuality and reproductive health in the “Sobat ASK Learning Space”. Upon completion of the course, they have the opportunity to take a test and those who pass the test will receive a certificate. It is indeed an educative and fun site.

Rutgers WPF Indonesia and partners hope that this site would allow young people who have Internet access can learn about anything that are considered taboo without having to worry about getting false or inaccurate information. A little note for teachers and educators who have not had the opportunity to participate in the DAKU! program, you can access this website to obtain learning materials for students in their schools and communities. Have fun in learning online about sexuality and reproductive health the way youth do!